The jet’s wheels touched down on schedule, bringing us back to solid ground. A little part of me always breathes a sigh of relief as rubber meets the runway.


Returning home to visit North Carolina feeds my soul in important ways. Time spent with family is refreshing. Eating at restaurants unavailable in Hoosier land makes my taste buds dance. On this trip, it was the popcorn shrimp at Dry… Continue Reading…


Remember the days when television stations actually ended their broadcast day? They signed on in the morning and . . .


Judi and I spent the last 18 months traveling on tours previously canceled due to COVID. It reached the point of being nearly ridiculous. With two years of bookings being pushed back, we were away from home some part of… Continue Reading…


Gone are the days of accompanying loved ones to the gate or rooftop lounges where one could sit and watch the plane take off and land.


It was another day of journeying through the middle of almost nowhere. Or as I have heard it said, “It’s not the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from there.”


A recent journey to Mongolia landed Judi and me, along with 12 other traveling companions plus a most excellent guide named Muuggi, into the middle of . . .


My wife and I ventured out for a few days, celebrating her most recent trip around the sun with a visit to . . .


One overarching theme on the track to adulthood is that as we mature, we find a job and earn a living.

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