Light Musings: Reflections from My Inner Sanctuary


Where I was raised, the phrase “for crying out loud” was a code signaling exasperation – something like “I’ve had all I can take!” When someone finally stomped on your last good nerve . . .


As we barreled down a highway toward our next destination we passed a flatbed truck. The back of it was stuffed with people, young and old, plus one goat!


Another birthday came and went in recent weeks. Although I’ve seen quite a few by this point, I am grateful for each one and enjoy a simple marking of the occasion.


The Appalachian Mountains boast breathtaking beauty, whether it be their towering trees, playful streams, or alluring skylines viewed from a deck overlooking a majestic valley. Villages and small towns are sprinkled throughout this territory, quietly minding their own business until word of their attractiveness leaks out and streets swell with crowds eager to get in on the fun.


I have been thinking about purging my vocabulary. Think of it as a mental variation of spring cleaning.


Like much of the world, I’ve spent the last few weeks at home in the hope that isolating myself from others helps flatten the COVID-19 curve. At the very least, it makes me less irritating to those who never see me!


Parked on the side of Highway 64 in the little North Carolina town of Siler City, a small brick building with huge front windows houses a family owned restaurant known as Johnson’s.


Today I’ll introduce you to one of my great loves. Only recently did I recognize the truth of this deep affection.


We were standing in a sparsely populated underground area. These days it is used primarily as a thruway for foot traffic, though it had the look of an old Roman portico . . .


We pulled off the highway and stopped. The driver turned off the engine. From our vantage point, we could look across the valley and see the outline of a city against the blue sky.

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