Remember the days when television stations actually ended their broadcast day? They signed on in the morning and . . .


“I’ll get up with you when I get back.”  Those words were overheard in the airport as a traveler wrapped up a phone call prior to boarding his flight. I was not intentionally eavesdropping on the conversation, but cell phones… Continue Reading…


It was another day of journeying through the middle of almost nowhere. Or as I have heard it said, “It’s not the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from there.”


My wife and I ventured out for a few days, celebrating her most recent trip around the sun with a visit to . . .


While some things are easy to procrastinate or even forget, certain moments bring us face-to-face with people or causes we value and in those moments, we wince at the consequences of our delay.


“We sell memories.” That was the proud advertisement on display outside an antique store. . .


Creatures of habit, some would call us. We have our various routines that start our day . . .


A father and his young daughter entered the shopping area, both anticipating good times about to be had. . . .


It happened once last week while I was scouring local greenhouses, looking for a particular heirloom tomato plant. I am a huge fan of a variety known as . . .

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