Ever have days when you feel like the class dunce? I do. Those occasions are slightly more embarrassing when they occur in public places where . . . .


“For crying out loud!” I heard myself muttering these words after the two-cycle engine of my small garden tiller refused to crank. I know . . .


One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I’m a “do-it- yourself” kind of guy. There are things I know I can’t do but given the opportunity, I like to learn. It enriches . . .


As a high school youth with an interest in farming, ag teachers encouraged my participation in the local chapter of the Future Farmers of America (FFA). It was supposed to build character and help keep us out of trouble. Lord knows, I needed help with both!


I have been thinking about purging my vocabulary. Think of it as a mental variation of spring cleaning.


We were standing in a sparsely populated underground area. These days it is used primarily as a thruway for foot traffic, though it had the look of an old Roman portico . . .


We pulled off the highway and stopped. The driver turned off the engine. From our vantage point, we could look across the valley and see the outline of a city against the blue sky.


“So now what, you want to kill me?” The question shouted by the Palestinian man startled me. I was caught completely off guard. Especially since he was asking it of me!


After years of living together, I have concluded that my brain has a mind of its own. It likes to meander down unknown pathways, often mesmerized in its own little world.


Our home acquires a festive look this time of the year, not that it is sad or dreary during the other months. Holiday decorations adorn the living room, giving visual evidence that ‘tis the Christmas season.

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